The Reality of Homelessness People

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Homelessness is a real concern that is dealt with all around the world. It is a problem that is faced even here in the USA. Homelessness occurs for many reasons. It is not always the stereotypical case of alcohol or drug addiction. Sometimes the addict vanishes leaving a helpless family with no were to go.


There are many cases of homeless people living in camper vans as a solution to cope with the unavoidable hardship of life. Sadly, some of the people facing homelessness include school going children. In one situation a mother of two had her hours cut back in both the jobs she held as a result of a slow economy. This led to her not being able to pay rent. Soon the mother along with her children were living in their van. The kids stated that they felt humiliated when the police would point their lights at them and disturb them when all they were trying to do was sleep so they could go to school the next day.

What is the right thing to do?

Homeless people living in campervans poses a threat to the security for both the people in the neighborhood and the homeless people them selves. Los Angeles may ban homeless people living in campervans for good as there are over 4600 vehicles that are used for living space in 2016 alone. Council man Mike Bonin suggested that an overall ban would not solve the entire problem instead, there should be a ban of homeless people living in campervans near homes or schools and instead let them sleep in their vehicles from 9 pm to 6 am in commercial area, nonprofit agency lots and church lots. There have been situations in the past where police men forced people sleeping in their car to come out and sleep on the pavement. That is completely absurd and should not ever be repeated so this seems to a better solution for now. The problem is that the number of homeless people living in campervans is increasing as the days go by leading to the growing significance of the problem and the arising of the question, what is the government going to do about this?

What can we do?

Homeless people living in campervans have been asked around the country why they live like this. It is a question that they would rather not face as they merely want to get by from one day to the next with out hassle or harassment. Some homeless people have stated that they are victims of social security, some blame the economy while others blame irresponsible family members. Whatever the case is none of them really want to live in the way they do and would move to better accommodations if they had the chance.

None of them appreciate police harassment in the middle of the night and none of them feel secure. Homeless people living in camper vans are people to and need special attention so that they can get back on their feet. It is up to us to be their voice for the sake of their well being while also insuring the security of neighborhoods and their inhabitants.

Check this video below and see this true story…