About Us

Homelessness Info is a great medium where you can get the latest news, information, development updates, data, facts and policies on homeless people of Australia. Our main objective is to develop a network that can help these people to improve their lives and get shelter. We are aware of the fact that homelessness is a problem that has reached deep into Australian society and it has become a matter of grave concern for the development of the Nation. To fight the root cause of this problem, we have created this online tool where different people, NGOs, groups and individual can collaborate and share their ideas, knowledge and experience. Homelessness Info a meeting point for discussion and the central point for information.

Through this medium, we also educate people about how they can help these unfortunate segment of people with clothes, food, water and other basic requirements. We conduct various seminars and workshops for the common people across the nation so that we can help them to learn how they can make some meaningful contribution to the development of the nation.

In the year 2012, David Smith took this initiative with a team of just five volunteers in Brisbane but now, thanks to his commitment, tireless efforts and a desire to improve the lifestyle of such people, we currently have a massive team of more than 450 volunteers and we have a presence in almost every part of the nation.