Drug and alcohol addiction is a significant reason behind homelessness in Australia. Addiction doesn’t allow them to focus on aspects like saving money, job or finding a home. Treatment programs are required so that such people can find the right track and live a happy life.

Domestic Violence

One out of ten Australian women is a victim of domestic (sexual or physical) violence while for men the number is one out of twenty. According to a study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare between 2011 and 2014, 36% of people (mostly women) who used homelessness services, were victims of domestic violence.

Mental Illness

People with mental illness always struggle to achieve and maintain a stable home. This is because such people do not have a source of fixed income and do not understand the significance of having a home. They use homelessness services and stay like that without any desire to improve their life.

Employment Problem

Layoffs and job cuts leave individuals in desperate situations. In the absence of a source of income, the financial burden can lead to the various issue including homelessness. When people do not have jobs, it becomes almost impossible to pay the mortgage for car and home. The situation further makes them depressed, and they couldn’t find a new job.

Affordable Housing

It is quite challenging to stay healthy, raise a family and go to work without a stable and safe place to call home. Affordable housing is a serious issue in countries like Australia. Thousands of families with only one full-time worker cannot afford an expensive house, and as a result, they become homeless.

Absence of a Support Network

Many people take their support network for granted because they have one. People who don’t have any such support are aware of their significance. Support networks can be anything - a family member, co-worker, friend, or a community like homelessness Info. A support network in your tough time can make all the difference.