Homelessness is a curse on this society

They need our support, sympathy and donation


We want to develop a powerful network to reduce the number of homeless people in the society.


To make homeless people self- dependent, provide them with shelter and Australia stronger as a nation.


Honesty and humanity are the two most important values that help us to make this society free from homelessness.

A Reliable Information Medium on Homeless People

Homelessness Info has been specially designed to spread awareness about homelessness in Australia. Here, you can share information, ideas, data, stats, etc. with other individuals, concerned group and NGOs to improve the current situation of the homeless people. By improving the condition of this unfortunate segment, you can make a valuable contribution to the development of the nation. Internet is not only a medium to read and gather information but also a platform to participate and collaborate.

This is a web-based tool that has helped us to create a community where people collaborate on new ideas, talk to each other, Discuss problems and work together for the development of the nation.


As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 116,000 people are homeless in the country. It means that every 50 people out of 10,000 Australians do not have a shelter on their head. This number includes more than 43,000 young Australians below 25 years old and more than 18,000 people above 55 years.

Did you know? Every year, a single homeless person costs the government of Australia around AUD 30,000.

We Are Becoming Bigger And Better!

Being a medium that provides valuable information, news and other vital stats and data on homeless people in Australia, we have become way stronger and more significant than our initial days.


August 2012

Our First Step

We took our first step in this direction with only five volunteers and were limited to Adelaide only.

August 2015

Started Contributing

In the next three years, we developed as a unit, and more than 100 volunteers got involved with us in entire South Australia.


August 2018

We Are Growing!

Homeless info became more responsible and committed to society. More than 400 volunteers joined us across the nation.

Take the initiative and Share Your Ideas to Fight Homelessness

Homelessness is affecting Australian society in numerous ways and thus making it a serious social problem. It not only causes financial downturn, but also increases the percentage of poverty, and causes family dysfunction. However, you can be a part of Homeless Info and fight against the problem for the development of the country. You can volunteer with us to support our causes and partake in events we conduct to raise awareness among the general population. By volunteering you can contribute to the betterment if our society and be the change you want to see in the world.

Causes of Homelessness

Homelessness is the result of the collective impact of several factors, rather than a single reason. Economic and societal issues, individual circumstances and systems failures are the real culprits behind this problem.

Domestic Violence

This is one of the leading causes of homelessness in the country, and almost 25% of total homeless people are the victim of family violence.

Financial Problems

One of the apparent reason for homelessness. Financial difficulties make it impossible for some people to have their shelter.

Housing Stress

There is a severe shortage of housing that is safe, stable and affordable. This housing problem is highly responsible for homelessness.


No one can deny the role of alcohol and drugs addiction play for homelessness in any country and Australia is no different.

Our Events and Volunteers

Homeless Info is more than just a medium where people can read the latest news and gather information, data, and facts on homeless people in Australia. Here, we also conduct seminars and workshops across the nation to educated people about the homelessness and how every individual can make some valuable contribution.
In our seminars and workshops, our volunteers get involved with the concerned group and discuss the ways to tackle the problem of homelessness. Not only that, but they also talk to homeless people in different regions and understand their problems. Then they discuss the issue with various groups and NGOs and try to solve them.
All our events are well-planned and the calendar is prepared months in advance to give our team members and volunteers proper time to manage every aspect of each event meticulously. Thus, we get desirable results and make impact. To know more about what events we host and what we do, you can get in touch with our representatives any time.

The Australian States with Maximum Homeless People

You can find homeless people in Australia in almost every region, but there is some place that has the maximum number of such people.

New South Wales (37,715)

Victoria (24,817)

Queensland (21,671)

The Insecurities Homeless People Face

Homeless people face different challenges, emotional as well as physical. And these challenges make it almost impossible for them to get back on their feet.

Food and Shelter Insecurity

Homeless people do not have any place to call home. These people spend nights in the streets, homeless shelters, abandoned buildings, etc. They also struggle for daily meals.

Income Insecurity

The homeless people usually don’t have a source of income, and that factor does not allow them to save money and find a home on rent.

Healthcare Insecurity

As these people do not have a source of income, healthcare is a massive challenge for them. Lack of medical attention leads to diseases.

Basic Need Insecurity

Homeless people in Australia cannot fulfil their basic needs like warmth, water, food, medicines, dry clothes, etc.

Homelessness in Australia – Facts!


More than 43,000 young Australians who are less than 25 years old and more than 18,500 people above 55 years are homeless. More than 100,000 Australian parents and their kids don’t have any place to call home.


Only 7% of homeless people live on the street. The majority of homeless people in Australia live without a permanent home. They stay with friends and relatives, in overcrowded rooms, cheap motels, emergency shelters and hostels, in cars and so on.


More than 15,800 children below 12 years are homeless, and more than 450 of these kids spend the night in parks, shopfronts and bus shelters. Without a place to live, they face an uncertain future.






Events Done


Happy Faces

Our Volunteers

We have a team of volunteers who are qualified and share the same vision - to improve the situation of homelessness in Australia.

What They Say

Over the years, we have become a reliable source from where anyone can get authentic, useful and valuable information about the homelessness in Australia.

“Being an NGO, we need factual information and relevant data about homelessness to make strategies on how to fight against it. Homelessness Info has been outstanding in providing such information and news.”
Steve Williams (owner of NGO)
“Homelessness Info has impressed me with their thought process, efforts, vision and desire to make Australia free from homelessness. That is why I joined it as a volunteer and happy to make some valuable contribution to the society.”
Jennifer Gomes (Volunteer)
“I will always be grateful to the Homeless Info for what they have done for me. They not only helped me emotionally but also helped me to develop a network that gave me a job and shelter. God bless them!”
Antony Cohen (A homeless person)
What Can You Do?

To changes the scenario of homelessness in society, we need thousands of people and their support, but everything will begin from the efforts and attitude of an individual. So, you should know what you can do.

Show Respect

If you come across a homeless person, show them respect and politely talk to them. They often experience the loss of dignity that further makes their situation difficult.


Cloth, shoes and food are those things that homeless people always require. So, whenever possible, donate such items. You can also give blankets, coats, cups and utensils.

Educate Yourself

If you want to make a difference in their life, first you need to understand their problems and the reason that leads to homelessness. And you can do that by educating yourself.