Coalition Stopped the Welfare Payments

Around 55,000 Australian jobseekers who are staying without a home or on the edge of homelessness have received news that their welfare payments have been provisionally suspended under the new compliance regime of the government, in spite of Coalition saying it would include safety for the most vulnerable.

Rockingham Oppose Shelter for Homeless People

Rockingham council has strongly opposed a proposed homeless shelter in the suburb of Shoalwater. Homeless people are living there in a camp that is near a chemical wholesaler and nickel refinery. The camp is a home of 17 men and women who are living in tents and shacks. There is no access to hot water and power.

Police Helped Homeless Man to Reunite With His Lost Rat Pet

59-year-old Chris is homeless but a well-known figure in downtown Sydney. This is because he has a pet rat by the name Lucy. Recently, his little companion, unfortunately, disappeared after he went to a washroom for a toilet break. However, after a social media appeal, the police of New South Wales have successfully tracked down the missing pet and has returned it to Chris.

The Housing Crisis is Leading to Surging Demand for Homelessness Services

A latest analysis showcases a rapid increase in demand for homelessness services as record low rental vacancies and towering prices push more than thousand of Australian families to the brink. The report underlines the impact of the crisis on children and women. They make up for 74% of the people utilizing the homelessness service. From the people who turned away from this service as they lacked the resources to support, 80% were women and children. Additionally, 31% were children who were under the age of 18. According to the reports, if the surge continues, the annual increase will go up to an additional of 19,974 people.